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Monday, February 22, 2016

Be As Bold As A Lion

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Prov 28:1 "The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion."
The wicked man described in this verse is one that doesn't know Jesus, doesn't love God, and has no knowledge or idea or what spiritual strength is.
When I was in the fourth grade and nine years old, I was one of the smallest boys in school. The smallest boy in school is typically going to get picked on just because he is an easy target. I worked out some by doing push-ups and lifting weights so that I wasn't a complete pushover, but just my size made me feel like I was wearing a sign that said I'm the smallest guy around, come pick on me.
One of my very best friends in school happened to be the biggest and strongest kid in school in that age group. We were always together at school. Consequently, for anyone to get to me, they had to go through him. I knew that I was safe just because of him. I wasn't stupid. I didn't take advantage of the situation and antagonize guys because I had a big friend. I was simply grateful that I did. I was extremely grateful for his friendship, first just because he was a great friend, but secondly, because by just being with me, he saved me from a lot of trouble.
That's really the way it is with the Lord. We live in a world defiled by Satan and sin. To call Satan a bully would be to understate his evil. I would compare him to a deviate, drive-by shooter that indiscriminately hates and will kill anyone. Jesus described him as the one who has come "to kill, steal, and destroy."  I recently heard a great Bible teacher on television say that God brings and allows adversity to test and grow our strength, character, and faith. I highly respect this person and his ministry but on this one point, he is very wrong. God never brought adversity in the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve, nor would it have come if they hadn't sinned. It came because of their sin. Sin and consequently death (and everything leading up to death) came to us all because of sin. We read in Romans 5:12 TLB "When Adam sinned, sin entered the entire human race. Adam's sin brought death, so death spread to everyone, for everyone sinned."  Sin brought enough adversity for a life time for each person. God doesn't have to bring adversity to us. It comes like weeds in a garden or lawnwith no effort or help from anyone. You never plant those weeds but they some how come and consequently you have to remove or kill weeds in the garden and lawn. And you need to resist that trouble that comes at Satan's hand in life. It's not people we fight. Its “…principalities, and powers and rulers of darkness,” (Ephesians 6:12 KJV) AND temptations of Satan to become weak, powerless, helpless, and like the man who flees when no one pursues.
All sin is rooted in lust and self concern from wrong  selfish choices. The ugly consequences of sin have touched all of our lives. It is the source of every evil in the world and that evil spills over into our lives creating a world of adversity. Like weeds in a garden, it just somehow comes.
Jesus is the big friend we have in life. His Holy Spirit lives within us. He helps us become "…strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!" (Ephesians 6:10 KJV) Though sin came to all men and made us weak and Satan's prey to be picked on, Jesus brought us righteousness to help us be as "bold as a lion!"
Romans 5: 15-17 NLT says, "...And what a difference between our sin and God's generous gift of forgiveness. For this one man, Adam, brought death to many through his sin. But this other man, Jesus Christ, brought forgiveness to many through God's bountiful gift. And the result of God's gracious gift is very different from the result of that one man's sin. For Adam's sin led to condemnation, but we have the free gift of being accepted by God, even though we are guilty of many sins. The sin of this one man, Adam, caused death to rule over us, but all who receive God's wonderful, gracious gift of righteousness will live in triumph over sin and death through this one man, Jesus Christ.” 
1 Peter 5:8 NKJV says, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour." Satan impersonates a lion, but WE ARE TO BECOME AS BOLD AS A LION! Satan will seek whom he may devour (those that don't know how to resist him.) We are to become the righteous that are as bold as a lion and tell him to flee in Jesus name! Read in your Bibles what demons did when Jesus showed up on the scene. They should cower when they see your boldness! A wicked or slothful man will flee or cave at the first sign of trouble or symptom of sickness. When I feel the attack of the enemy working against me in my life, I remember to roar! We have a big friend named Jesus! The righteous will lift their head and roar saying, "Noflee in Jesus name!"
Prov 28:1 NKJV  "The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion."
In His Love,
Pastor Tim Burt

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