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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day of Honor

Today I have posted the blog of my good friend Jon Larson. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Pastor Tim

A Day of Honor by Jon Larson

I am no soldier.
I have not served our country.
I have not made that type of sacrifice for a cause.

I am a creature of comfort
I too easily serve my own flesh.
I live in the luxury of their blood.

And as I sit here tonight and breathe in the sweet smell of spring, I am humbled by what they have done for me. At peace in my own yard, in perfect weather. I purpose to not take what we have for granted. This is an awesome country. We are free. We are prosperous. We have unlimited potential.

I put into remembrance the price that was paid for me to live a life so grand. 675,000 of them. Many more have continued to be haunted by their experiences. The eloquent words spoken by President Lincoln to a mother who lost her five sons in battle, speaks volumes for the gratitude of such service.

Dear Madam,

I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant-General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save. I pray that our heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.

Yours very sincerely and respectfully,
Abraham Lincoln.

The only thing I can add is this:

Thank you.

May God bless all those that have paid such a price for the freedom that we enjoy today.

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